VoxLion ® - Harmonic Acoustic Platforms

Harmonic Acoustic Platforms

Cellos - Double Basses - Harps

The harmonic acoustic platforms produced and distributed by Vox Lion® are
an important and revolutionary acoustic benefit in the field of 
classical music.


The increase in volume, the greater amplitude of the sound, the extraordinary wealth of harmonics are the characteristics of the VoxLion ® platform that allows you to increase the sound, from the severe to the sharp register reproducing very balanced sounds, much better than those obtained with the platforms up to now used.


The platform proposed by VoxLion ® is an elegant and refined product that fits well in the context of classical music, a refined alternative to the basic platforms used until today.


The lightness and the small size of the product guarantee easy transportability. The platform consists of two parts: the podium, where the musician is positioned, and the harmonic box, which is inserted into the podium itself, is easily extracted and can be used with supporting instruments, such as harp, cello and double bass.

These platforms are suitable for home use, where the acoustics of the house does not help the student, and for use in concert halls, to improve the color and depth of the performance. The feeling that you experience using these platforms is a greater fullness of sound and an extraordinary wealth of harmonics of your instrument. VoxLion ® platforms are a registered patent.

The VoxLion ® Platforms

The Idea Behind VoxLion ® Platforms

Necessity is the mother of every invention – Platone

The harmonic acoustic platforms produced by VoxLion ® are the result achieved through the experiences and intuitions of Fabio Guidolin and Alberto Sigurtà.

The experience of the well-known cellist, Fabio Guidolin, acquired in the most important theaters and concert halls all over the world, allowed him to pinpoint the information needed to create the VoxLion ® platform.

Alberto Sigurta', wood craftsman and acoustics expert, fulfilled and perfected the project, integrating a number of acoustic and aesthetic factors necessary for a classical environment.

This important invention aims to help all orchestral musicians, chamber groups and soloists who wish to have a "stage" with perfect acoustics. They are also recommended for studio recordings.

The VoxLion ® platforms bring significant benefits to the performance and to the listener. They are particularly recommended for instruments such as the cello, the double bass, harp and also for baroque ensembles. They are also excellent for home use and are easily transportable.

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The harmonic acoustic platform is a registered patent VoxLion ® is a registered trademark